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While these are new additions to our list of certified organizations, AQI has known of and monitored the results from these organizations for years. Each provides a unique approach for helping the quality professional improve the operational performance of their organization.

  • ZD China – a quality training and consulting company focused on helping organizations successfully implement the quality management concepts as developed and taught by Philip Crosby. The company offers courses on:

    - managing the cost of quality
    - quality management process training
    - Employee Quality Training – supervisor training in quality management
    - Process management training
    - Non-supervisory quality skills training
    - Advanced courses for Chief Quality Directors and Chief Quality Managers


  • Global Performance Partners – focused on helping companies create a prevention oriented culture, GPP assesses an organizations needs (cost of waste), identifying the financial impact of improvement opportunities, then helps the organization prioritize these opportunities, targeting those that will create the biggest impact for the least amount of resources spent.

    GPP provides management and employee level training to provide the concepts, tools and skills necessary to convert these problems into profits and more importantly, prevent new problems from occurring. The company offers courses tailored to their clients needs, including:

    - Executive Quality Training
    - Management Quality Training
    - Train the Trainer Sessions
    - Quality Skills Training for Employees

  • www.GPPQuality.com

  • Advantage – the emphasis of the Advantage process is on how to implement quality management. Some companies have acquired considerable knowledge about quality tools and concepts, but there is often a lack of cohesiveness or synergy in these varied methods. Advantage shows organizations how these various pieces fit together and how to drive them through an organization to maximize results in the shortest time possible.

    Offerings include:
    - Quality Implementation Roadmap
    - Operational Assessments
    - Measuring For Better Management